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Find Paradise in the Costa Rica Beach Guide

If you are a “chooser” who likes to live in the lap of nature and abandon urban lifestyle for a considered rest, Costa Rica is the best spot for you. From its diverse geographical features to its welcoming atmosphere, this country has something for everyone. To facilitate your stay in this region, you may consult the Costa Rica beach guide to find information on the best beaches, what to do and where to go.


Before you hire a travel agent to book your vacation or arrange your tour, you need to tally up some information about your holiday requirements. This will include information on the favorite activities, accommodation, food and transportation. gather as much information as you can, as it will help you have a memorable holiday.


If you are planning a beach holiday in Costa Rica, you may want to include the following beaches within your list. Not all of them are available on a regular basis, but they are worth visiting for one of several reasons. They have scenery that is breath-taking and the temperature in the sea can be enjoyed without being too cold. mitbuk is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. mitbuk is a horse shoe shaped beach that has a pleasant sailing feel to it.


folicha is the most popular beach in Costa Rica. It has a horse shoe shape to it and also a white sand beach that is excellent for swimming. marina is the second largest in the country and has a fantastic view of the islands. The surf is however very powerful along this beach.


unequipped for rain


Costa Rica is an all-year desert.Few things grow here but desert plants and animals. The only thing living in this country is the blazing sun that pounds down on the rocky mountain coast carrying the moisture from the ocean.


Explore the National Parks

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The vast majority of Costa Rica’s wildlife is found in the national parks. You will find flamingos and turtles as well as other creatures that died out long ago. The park manager will tell you about the animals you might see.


You can also take a hot air balloon ride over the jungles and picturesque lakes. My personal favorite is the volcano at Loseryde. Although not absolutely safe, it is very beautiful and you can breath there the fumes of the fire ball.


Biking is another popular activity in Costa Rica. The country has a lot of beautiful trails and roads that range from gentle dirt tracks to technical bike paths. Try the Sierra Atrio that runs through the mountains, trails and scenic rain forests. Who knows, you might end up developing an awesome mountain biking skillset for you to impress your folks back home.


For temple lovers, there are plenty in Costa Rica. The thought of a day at the temples is a tranquil and spiritual experience. Hindus visit them for relaxation and rejuvenation. Buddhist believers ride from one temple to the next. You can also see there sacred snakes, devas, lotus ponds, water cursus and more.




All over the country, historic and archaeological sites can be found. You can actually go to ruins that are now homes to farms and small towns. They have old markets, festivals and cultural center. All this and more, gives the option to study and tour the country.


Fiesta rich countries


You can choose from a variety of beach vacations if you are looking for rich and hearty food. Some of the best beaches have plenty of restaurants and plenty of activities. If you prefer, there are plenty of beach resorts that can be found in the different Mexican states.


Manuel Antoniois a place to cherish the past. Spend a day without lightening here. Sandals and swimsuits are fit for the season. Pampering yourself in the steam, play in the waves, and soak up the sun can give you the makeover you need. You might look the same but the sun will surely decide on.


Vacations for Single Women


Vacations for single women are rising in popularity. You can choose from tennis, beach volleyball and sailing vacations. Go on a fishing trip if you want to try your hand at deep sea fishing. Go on a jungle walk if you want to experience the Mara. Breathe in the clean air of a nature trail. Ride a horse and find yourself in harmony with nature.


Street Foods- Food from around the world.


All over the world, hotels offer different themed meals and breakfasts. If you would rather try out some of the local foods, going to local markets is a good option. Learn more about the different types of cuisine. If you are not up to experimenting with local dishes, you can always watch the chefs in action.


attained pleasure from various tourist spots


Tourists often neglect their traveling partners.

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